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Preservation Strategies for Sabbioneta's City Walls and Recent Restorations

  1. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Zanlungo Soprintendenza Aecheologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per le province di Bergamo e Brescia
  2. Anna Maria Basso Bert Soprintendenza Aecheologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per le province di Bergamo e Brescia


Sabbioneta and its city walls are nowadays recognized as a very important historical and cultural value, widely acknowledged throughout society: without this recognition neither protection, nor conservation, nor valuation could be achieved. Sabbioneta’s city walls are evidence for the use of different theoretical approaches: for example, at the beginning of the FIO works it was decided to replace lost bricks with reused material (old and restored bricks); because of the very high costs of this procedure, in accordance with our office it had then been decided to use new bricks, distinguished from the original ones by a "sanding surface". It had also been determined not to replace missing pieces of the bullnose element with original shaped bricks, in spite of emphasising the continuity of the bullnose with a different layout of new bricks. This methodology complied the theoretical principles of "recognition of the new elements" and of economical sustainability. Today, if we look at the whole extension of the city walls of Sabbioneta, it is possible to compare different works and decisions taken during the years and understand how the theme of conservation and restoration of this masonry wall has been interpreted.




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