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Marc Schoonderbeek

Graduate TU Eindhoven. Architecture practice in the Netherlands, Germany (Studio Libeskind (pre-911)) and Israel. 1998 foundation of '12PM-Architecture' (an Amsterdam-based firm for architecture and urban design) with Pnina Avidar. In the work of 12PM, the rationality of a theoretical position is mixed with the intuition of a vivid architectural practice through the mapping and tracing of the hidden layers of each project. Editor of Footprint. Lecturer at several architecture institutes. Coordinator of the research group "Border Conditions" TU Delft, Department of Architecture. Regular contributor to architectural magazines. In January 2004 co-foundation of the 66EAST-Centre for Urban Culture in Amsterdam.

Marc Schoonderbeek is currently working on a doctoral thesis on the relationship between architectural theory, representation and design.


Publications as editor (selection)

  • Houses in Transformation. Interventions in European gentrification. (together with JJ Berg, T Kaminer, and J Zonneveld). Rotterdam 2009.
  • Border Conditions. Amsterdam, 2010.
  • Spaces, Poetics And Voids. Delft, April 2013.

Veröffentlichungen in archimaera

  1. 15.05.2013

    The Border as Threshold Space of Simultaneities

    archimaera#005 (2013)