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Fabio Colonnese

Fabio Colonnese is an architect, draftsman and Ph.D. in Drawing and Survey of Architectural Heritage at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, where he taught Descriptive Geometry, Architecture Survey, and Architecture Drawing. He took part to major survey campaigns, such as Castel Sant’Angelo, the Royal Palace of Caserta and several rupestrian monasteries in Cappadocia, Turkey. His Ph.D. dissertation on the labyrinth and its manifold relationships with art, architecture, and city was published in Il Labirinto e l’Architetto (2006). While attending his post-doc fellowship in Digital Survey and Representation of City, he focused on the relationship between the multisensorial experience of space and the image of architecture, whose early results can be read in his book Movimento Percorsi Rappresentazione (2012). His researches are currently focusing on perspective illusory devices in Baroque architecture, digital reconstruction after literary architectures, and architecture modeling.

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